Darjeeling Tea Workshop

Earn a Diploma of Tea Culture, in collaboration with the Tea Board of India

$2,400 USD / $3,200 AUD all inclusive*

NEW DATES - 7th - 13th October 2018

Join the Tea Guild of Australia and The School of Tea Journeys in Darjeeling in 2018 and learn first hand about this famous tea growing region. Experience the tea gardens and factories and witness the journey of the leaf to the cup - from harvest to brew. With workshop sessions and added extras you will walk away from this incredible experience a Diploma of Tea Culture from the Tea Guild of Australia in collaboration with the Tea Board of India.

From 7th to the 13th October 2018, the Tea Guild of Australia invites you to join us on this exciting journey. CLICK HERE to book your place today.

* Once you have arrived in Siliguri, all travel, food, accommodation, course materials and activities, tea equipment and samples are included in the course price


Workshop Sessions

  • You will learn about how to distinguish between the different varieties of tea - from Sinensis to Assamica and Green to Black, with everything in between
  • You will learn how to recognise the principal characteristics of different types of tea, from look and feel, to taste and smell
  • You will find out all the different aspects of how to evaluate tea quality
  • You will develop an understanding of how to write a tea menu, select a tea supplier and provide tea for service
  • You will learn how to care for and store all types of tea, including temperature, humidity and air flow
  • You will find out about the different sizes and shapes of tea pots and tea wares, what they are used for and when
  • You will learn how to organise and arrange a room for the different types of tea service and ceremony
  • You will gain an understanding of tea cupping, tasting and presentation 
  • You will learn about pairing tea with food and understanding the different times of day for types of tea to be served
  • You will be able to create a sensory experience of tea - from drinking to evaluation
  • You will learn the skills for building your own tea business - be that as a supplier, tea room, tea shop, tea lounge or tea bar - including what to look for in the market, how to promote and the different aspects to succeed

From Leaf to Cup

Experience first hand the journey from leaf to cup. We will visit the tea gardens of Darjeeling and learn about the different seasons, when to harvest and how to pick the tea. We will discuss the terroir - the environmental conditions, from altitude to soil type, which give the various types of tea many of their distinctive aspects.

From here we will go to the tea factories and learn the different processing steps for different types of tea. We will gain an understanding of the different types of machinery used throughout all the stages of the manufacturing process. 

Whilst here you will taste and experience tea like never before, and fully understand what makes this incredible industry and world changing beverage a way of life for so many.


Darjeeling Tea Workshop - 6

What's next?

We will provide everything you need once you get to Darjeeling, including accommodation, food and local travel. You will receive your tea sommelier kit on arrival including tasting cups and of course all of the teas you will need for this immersive and incredible experience.

All you need to do is get yourself to: Bagdogra Airport, Siliguri by the 7th October 2018 and everything else will be arranged.

To BOOK complete the form below and we will get in contact with you directly, with an in depth course guide and a link to complete some short online introductory sessions. 

What are you waiting for? Join the Tea Guild of Australia on a journey into the world of tea like no other.

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